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Possible race opportunities


Dehler 30od is a category A Classified yacht and can participate in inshore and offshore yacht races of all types. She has ORC and IRC certificate, so she can be race under any of these handicap rules. She can race full crew (6) or short handed. She affords a 6 person liferaft as well as all necessary safety equipment for World Sailing race category 2 monohull (World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations 2019). She can accommodate 6 sailors in port too, but only with basic racing type facilities. You can check in the event calendar to see what are the dates already booked for her to race and plan your own participation in time.

Dehler 30od



This is not a “little” boat.  It is a Category A classified yacht, legal and able to race across oceans, featuring even watertight bulkheads fore and aft and a bow crash-box.  The deck layout is amazingly and exceptionally well thought for solo, double and full crew hardcore racing, incorporating the very best quality gear and fittings positioned perfectly for user friendly continuous work.  The standard carbon mast is state of the art from AXXON with one set of spreaders but interestingly incorporating D2s and rod rigging.  The interior allows eight people to sit and chat in the saloon and then fall asleep in three double and two single beds. Last but not least is the amazing sail plan that incorporates the latest thinking with 6 sails only covering with good overlaps the full range of conditions for grand prix racing and at the same time providing unheard durability by sailing systems design (1 full-battened mainsail, 1 reefable Jib on hanks, 1 masthead spinnaker, 1 fractional spinnaker, 1 masthead Code 0 on a roller and 1 staysail on a roller). Needless to point the retractable shaft and three blade fixed propeller that comes flush to the hull when not in use, incorporating a simple bulletproof manual mechanism, awesome!  And is good looking too.  And, and…

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