Offshore Race Chartering Procedure – Terms and Conditions

1. Inquiry (by email to ) with all necessary information, such as dates, race, training day(s), skipper need, crew number, crew qualifications, special requests.

2. We will inform you by email about the availability and any other any terms or conditions may arise.

3. You have to send us a final confirmation to us (by email to ). We will hold your booking for 7 days. We will send you all necessary documents and information for the final booking (Yacht Charter Agreement – Payment Schedule – Bank account details, Crew Capableness Declaration of the Person in Charge for participating in a Race Event).

4. Your booking will be confirmed after signing and sending to us the Yacht Charter Agreement, the Crew Capableness Declaration, as well as transferring to our Bank account the 50% of the total chartering fee.

5. 90 days prior to the chartering day you have to deposit to our bank account the remaining balance of 50%, send us the Skipper’s and Crews sailing license and send us the crew list with ID or Passport numbers, full addresses and emergency phone numbers).

6. Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancellation more than 180 days prior to the chartering date: 10% of the total charter price is retained.

  • Cancellation 90 to 180 days prior to the chartering date: 50% of the total charter price is retained.

  • Cancellation within 90 days prior to the chartering date: 100% of the total charter price is retained. In case the boat is chartered on that same period under the same conditions your payment will be reimbursed with only 10% retained.

7.  A fully refundable is mandatory. The security deposit is paid in cash or by credit card upon arrival or can be deposited to our bank account 30 days prior to departure. In case of damage to the yacht or loss of equipment, the estimated value for repairs and replacement is withheld from your security deposit and the balance is returned to you. For skippered charters you have no responsibility for all sailing and maneuvers. You are only responsible for damage accidentally caused to the boat such as cigarette scar, winch handle thrown in the water etc. For maximum transparency, upon delivery, you will be handed in a non-exhaustive list with the estimated cost of repairs and equipment that will be charged if damages/losses occur.

8. If you have never chartered the boat before, a skippered training day may be required. If you have sailed the boat before the sailing day is still strongly recommended but may be not mandatory.

9. If the boat is going to participate in a race event, the Charterer shall declare in written about the following:

  • The Charterer ensures that all crewmembers are aware of the importance of effecting appropriate personal insurance.

  • The Charterer declares who the Person in Charge for the Race will be and that he fully agree sharing all responsibility with him.

  • The Person in Charge shall meet the requirements of the Notice of Race, National Authority and World Sailing Regulations.

  • All Crewmembers shall meet the requirements of the Notice of Race, National Authority and World Sailing Regulations. All crew members shall be at least 14 years of age. Any crewmember, still under the age of 18 by the day before the start of the race, shall supply the written consent of a parent or legal guardian, which consent shall be attached to the crew list submitted on registration before the race.

  • The Charterer and the Person in Charge ensures that there is adequate knowledge and experience among his crew to take part in the offshore race, as well as meets any additional requirements of the Notice of Race of the specific race.

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