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Offshore Racing made easy


The all new Dehler 30 Offshore One Design concept has opened new opportunities to all offshore racing sailing enthusiasts due to the unique built-in ultra modern characteristics.  Forget the notion of a complicated offshore racing yacht that you own and race with your dedicated crew in as many races your pocket allows and the rest of the time sits idle generating only expenses and requires serious time and effort to be ready for racing.  Enter the notion of a well thought and built racing yacht, which is durable by design, materials, equipment and user friendly by layout, systems, sailplan.  As such, Offshore Racing Sailing Charter offers the Dehler 30 Offshore One Design to all interested racing sailing enthusiasts from any point they wish to view:

  • Own:  Through our partnership with STATUS YACHTS, the Dehler dealer, we can support you to order a complete boat ready to race at the best possible price.  We can support you on transportation and initial commissioning.  We can provide training to you and your crew.  We can check-in/prep for your racing, check-out/clean/sort any issues after racing.  We can take care of your yearly maintenance.We can arrange chartering your boat when you don’t use yourself. We can take care of all the charterer’s needs and services (paperwork, check in-out, training, etc).

  • Charter: Through our own and other private owned Dehler 30 Offshore One Design yachts we can provide boat(s) for solo, double or full crew offshore racing charter.  Existing teams, newly formed teams or want to be teams that want to experience an ultra modern racing yacht that you can easily sleep in too are welcome. We can provide training.  We can provide a racing skipper.  All boats will be continuously tuned, equipped with a full racing sails wardrobe, racing electronics and full safety gear.

  • Race: In case you are alone and enthusiastic in offshore racing sailing book as a crew member on board a skippered Dehler 30 Offshore One design on a pay to race basis.  If you are a dinghy sailor and want to get a taste of offshore sailing or just out from an offshore sailing school or crew member on another team that wants to be updated or seeking more action let us know and will get you in.

  • Play : Sailing is a hobby sport that you can give it a try at any age.  Allow us to seduce you into life on board and give you a taste of what sailing is all about using the Dehler 30 as an excellent platform to enter our sea world.  Bring yourself, your friend, family or colleagues and join our late afternoon sailing outings and try and learn something new and  find out in an easy-going and fun way if yachting is for you.

  • Play Harder: If you are an offshore sailor and keen on the long distance races, this little rocket will give you the adrenaline rush of a performance boat along with the feeling of safety in order to enjoy and have fun at fullest. Full crewed or Double handed, Aegean 600 and Rolex Middle Sea Race are the events that she can show you her "skills"!!!

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